The good of good

Money can’t buy happiness, as everyone knows, but it can buy some things that are very good. Case in point. Last week, in the company of two very amiable companions, I had the great pleasure of eating at Gary Danko. I must confess, in the mad dash to get ready and get the sitter sorted out, I was thinking to myself, is it really worth it? and, how good will this dinner really be?

But three hours and an excellent bottle of wine later, having tasting a yellow fin tuna that I can’t stop thinking about, I was feeling a deep down, happy and contented sense of well-being that transcended just a good (well, phenomenal) meal. (So, we started with a little drop of salmon tartar with an avocado-y sauce that was a hint of just how delicious things to come were going to be; did I mention the trio of crème brûlées, chocolate, traditional and a green tea/ginger–and yet, nothing beats traditional. Also, the service was flawless.) And, while I could go on and on about all the details of our evening–the company, the food, the atmosphere, the service–the whole was still more than the sum of its parts, and that’s a pretty powerful endorsement for getting to experience something that is that kind of good.

Things that are good don’t necessarily cost money, but I would hate not to experience the ones that money can buy, especially when they leave me feeling the way that I did after a lovely evening at Gary Danko.


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