Yep, that name’s taken…

Dude Food came to me in a moment, as many ideas often come. So obvious, yet so perfect.  Of course, a quick google search indicated there’s a cookbook with that name; and Food Dude looks like a radio show, blog, industry, etc.  

So, welcome to Dude Fude: a subblog (sublog?); a small but manageable number of recipes for people overwhelmed by cooking, finding and deciphering recipes, deciding just what the heck to cook, and in general, getting started with the whole thing.  I can help.  I might not have mentioned that along with my myriad other talents, I’m an excellent cook, and I say it–eyes lids lowered.

Laws of Dude Fude.

1.  The food will taste awesome.

2.  There will not be too many ingredients and they will not be too weird.

3.  I will tell you what are the crucial parts are.  Do that, and the rest will follow.

4.  There will not be too many recipes, thereby making it too difficult to decide what to make, resulting in food made from boxes.

5.  The food will seem dudish, meaning, it will make sense when you eat it; there will be balance and order, and all will be well.

First recipe coming soon.


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