They aren’t W & K for nothin’

I just received a large, thick book from W & K with the word April on back and Fools on the front.

It is filled with pictures of tragically hip, tragically fabulous, tragically creative- seeming, tragically cool pictures, ideas and thoughts coughed up by W & K employees around the world.

My first thought was, what a waste of paper, but no, there is a bookmark stating, “…Green Process…saved 150 grown trees…” etc. etc. I am shamed in my uncomplimentary thinking of this them.

I got said book as a gift? rejection letter? promotion tool? in response to an employment experiment I participated in with W & K where I was not hired. I was not even being considered for hire by them several months ago, but I can say that the book sparked an intense longing to work at a place that could so brilliantly spark an intense longing for something–man, what an excellent marketing tool. You guys are preaching to the converted, baby!


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