Small is the new Big

Wouldn’t you rather go to some sweet little store that has already sifted through all the junk that’s out there and only stocks one or two of the best honeys, nailpolishes, flours, milks, jeans, computers, sneakers, and so on?
I sure would.  Prediction:  Massive consumption is out. (Even with a rise in prices).  Small is in.  Neat is in.  Saving is in.  Good quality is in.  Who wants to store some massive box of crackers that you bought at Costco.  By the time you’re into your third sub box you’re sick of them anyway and then you’ve just got all that extra cardboard to recycle.

I’d rather buy one really good sweater (preferably not made in China) that is more expensive and wear it everyday and enjoy it, than owning several cheap, poorly made sweaters that can’t make it through the season (re: Barney’s Organic line, circa, last winter).

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line.  I haven’t actually held that stuff in my hands, but it’s hard to imagine an 8 dollar dress really being that nice, well made, high quality. But hey, I’ll have to check it out, and I hold judgement until then.  And who knows, maybe she’ll start a couture line at 30 bucks a pop.  Might I suggest: bittAn…

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…


1 thought on “Small is the new Big”

  1. You know, stores that eliminate extra choices is a great idea. Say the store has already done the research, and gives you just three options… but I wonder if people will ever be willing to give up choices, even if it’s paralyzing to have too many…

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