Back in the saddle

Instead of posting here, I’ve been getting over a long, tedious, cold spread by all the susceptible little children and their underexposed immune systems.

Plus, I’ve been obsessed with various political happenings as well as with David Lebovitz’s blog, my current favorite read.  You will have to check it out for yourself.  Let’s just say that he’s the reason I will be buying the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid later today, and making countless batches of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Or maybe mint chocolate chip ice cream with caramel swirls.  Finally, a chance to bring my own ice cream creation to light!  Ben and Jerry’s rejected this suggestion many years ago when I entered it in a “make your own flavor” ice cream contest.  Fools!   But, I digress.
I’ve also cooked a cauliflower curry that was so delicious, I was eating it for breakfast.  That recipe I will share in my next dude fude posting:  dude fude goes to grad school (although, it’s really not hard).  Again, I forgot the photo, next time for sure.

I’ve rejoined my farm, so I’m getting fabulous pastured eggs and fresh veggies again.  The blueberries are heaven.  So, so happy.

In other happy food news, my apricot tree is just on the verge of it’s two week harvest.  It’s very exciting.  Apricot jam will abound.

I guess this was kind of a food related update.  Many other things are underway, but I won’t go on.

Glad to be back.


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