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Story of a Tweet

What is Twitter? 

Twitter logged out home page (create a new account to move through the new user onboarding experience)

Twitter for Windows 8

Twitter for ipad

Visa’s Currency of Progress Project:

Currency of Progress Brochure

Case Study: PayWave

Case Study: Indian Railways

Case Study: Mobile Alerts

Some Sample Copy

Executive Brief (excerpt):


→Traditional solutions for liquidating luxury merchandise have been outlet stores, sample sales, trunk shows or warehouse sales.  In the past, they have been an effective method of selling overstock.

But—in a global economy that is moving away from an old paradigm and into a new one, both economically and culturally, with a younger, busier affluent consumer, the unstoppable expansion of social networking, and the ubiquitous use of mobile technology worldwide—do conventional methods of selling overstock still make the most sense?

Businesses need to stay current. How consumers are thinking, what they’re doing and buying—these are important questions.  The more quickly the climate changes, the more important it becomes to anticipate and adapt to future trends. Utilizing the Internet in some way makes sense, but to do so in a way that doesn’t undermine retail sales is essential.

This paper explores the use of Flash Sales as an alternative way to liquidate luxury items.  It explores what Flash Sales are, how they work and which websites are hot.  It will also consider the changing landscape and the challenges associated with this opportunity.

B2B Marketing:

January 30, 2001

Madison Square Garden.

You Know This Place.

Ever since 1879 when the Garden first opened its doors to the world, we have embraced generations of fans who have come here to express their pride and passion for teams, athletes, performers and statesmen.

Madison Square Garden–The place where legends are made.

We’ve watched as finely tuned athletes strive to achieve the greatest of victories…
We’ve witnessed some of the most legendary musical performances…
We’ve rallied behind political candidates as their speeches brought supporters to their feet…
We’ve paid tribute to some of the hardest fought battles of all time…

But we’re more than just a place where things happen; we’re a company that makes things happen.


(page 1)
Men who watch Comedy Central buy 10% more condoms than the average man.

(page 2)
Women who eat Lucky Charms buy 50% more Victoria’s Secret lingerie than the average woman.

(page 3)
Effective business decision makers are ten times more likely to have a six-pack of beer in their fridge than ineffective ones.

(page 4)
Those are facts.  Here’s another:  itwerx is a boutique advertising/marketing agency that will help you turn facts about your target market into advertising revenue.  Specializing in media B2B, itwerx marketing experts build low risk, highly effective selling strategies.  With a staff of cutting edge writers and designers who generate innovative ideas and high quality work, itwerx will develop comprehensive business solutions to help you capture and keep the advertisers you deserve.

Capitalize on the facts and call itwerx:  212.647.7036
So, whaddya got in there, foreign or domestic?

Press Release (DRAFT):

Ulin hangs hat in Veronica’s Closet

Award winning Executive Producer Rob Ulin joins forces with powerhouse Friend’s producers Bright/Kauffman/Crane to head up Veronica’s Closet, a new addition to must see TV Thursdays this season.  The show stars Kirstie Alley as an ex-model trying to balance running her new company with the trials and tribulations of dating.  A professional in the “art of love” she struggles hilariously with romance in her personal life.  Joining her are:  feminist co-worker, Kathy Najimy, executives Dan Cortese, and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, her not quite out of the closet assistant, Wally Langham; Christopher McDonald plays her ex-husband and Robert Proskey as Alley’s father and chauffeur.

Must See TV Thursdays, 9:00 pm, 8:00 pm central

Product Detail:


Do you know what you’re holding?  A revolutionary new way to listen to music.  ClickRadio is Web radio, without the Web and without the radio.  Leaving only one thing:  lots of great music in residence on your hard drive.  You hear a song you like?  Click on “Thumbs Up,” and ClickRadio makes a mental note.  “Thumbs Down,”  gets clicked, and ClickRadio’s nixed that sorry song.  ClickRadio learns your musical tastes so when it downloads all sorts of new stuff from the Net to update your system, it remembers what you like and gets more of that.  That’s what I call brains.  And sound quality, my friend, that blows both MP3 and Web radio right out of the water.  So, what’s the beautiful part?  It’s all free.


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