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the baby and pink locked in mortal combat

Taking M to the ice cream store for a treat brought to light two facts that are widely known, so widely accepted as to have become cliches in fact, but I had not yet experienced them first hand.

1.  M wanted pink ice cream.  Pink was the crucial factor, which meant in this case peppermint, as in candy cane peppermint, and the ice cream (I had to do some cone maintainence work) did taste like Christmas.

2.  M felt the inescapible urge (which she acted upon) to bite the tip off the bottom of her sugar cone long before she was near the point where ice cream wouldn’t melt nonstop, drip, drip dripping through the hole.  (More cone maintenance for Mommy).

And M didn’t place the baby and the pink panther in combat, that’s just where how they landed when she threw them down.