the early years

Yesterday, my daughter M told her very first story.  

She was holding a small yellow plastic bear meant for the bath and as she walked it along the edge of the tub she said, “One day, I was an antelope but I used to be upside like a bat.”  Here she turned the bear upside down and looked up at her audience for response. I nodded with a smile.

Then she let the bear float in the water and she said softly to herself, “Then you were floating on your tummy and I was kicking you.”  She kicked the water, lost interest, and picked up a toy frog.

It was short, but there was something compelling about it.  Good start, kid.


MFA is the new MBA

I say that just a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Because we love our MBAs.

BUT, the power and the importance of “the story” in business and especially in marketing is starting to take center stage. The impact of language in the service of creating a feeling and imparting a message cannot be overstated. I give you the transformation of the word Hebrew into the hip magazine Heeb as an example. It’s only one word, and yet, it’s a new world.

Often overlooked content is now being considered a quick and effective fix for a website in need of updating. Not to knock design, we need that too. But content is often easier and quicker to fix, and equally, if not more powerful.

And who better than an expert in the art of narrative, a person experienced with expressing and conveying subtle psychological feeling and nuance in words; we’re more than just writers, we’re masters in fine art.

The Four Truths of the Storyteller