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hooping, a short story

First you buy a pink hula hoop,


then you start calling it “hooping.” You make a hooping playlist, and finally, you begin putting together the crazy outfit, starting with socks–>


(that yes, you realize should never be worn out in public and will not make the debut outfit…)


I eagerly await my official SF bay area citizenship card.  I believe it’s in the mail.


Ice Cream redux

There has been significant progress (although, sadly, no pictures) in the summer trips to our local ice cream store.  Ice cream I used to like until one little tiny taste of ice cream from the Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco passed through my lips.  Now all other ice cream is like bland, cold, high calorie cream to me, while the memory of orange (of all ridiculous flavors) lingers on with a surprising intensity.  Something a friend once called, euphoric memories.  Yes, indeed.

That being said, our local ice cream/candy store has much charm and obviously M loves it.    I can happily say we’ve moved past “pink” ice cream and onto chocolate.  That’s especially good news for the official drip-licker, as you may imagine.

In other progress-related news, I prevented M from biting off the bottom of the cone on several occasions, explaining that she had to wait until it was a little cone so all the ice cream wouldn’t drip through.  In fact, she never did it, until Mommy finally threw those last few bites away, undamaged.

M was also particularly taken this trip with other babies and kids eating their ice creams, whereupon we discovered butterscotch (Mommy’s favorite) and we hope to be licking those caramelly drips next time.  (Ah… Bi-Rite Creamery’s Salted Caramel. Okay, yes, my one bite was Caramel mixed with Orange.)

Happy and sated, M galloped down the sidewalk in that little horsey way she has, slapping the side of Walgreen’s drugstore and talking to every child in her path.

Success, I’d say.

And just in case anyone’s wondering, Mommy, in a rare turn of events ordered Rainbow Sherbert, and liked it but was underwhelmed (ah, Bi-Rite…).


Small is the new Big

Wouldn’t you rather go to some sweet little store that has already sifted through all the junk that’s out there and only stocks one or two of the best honeys, nailpolishes, flours, milks, jeans, computers, sneakers, and so on?
I sure would.  Prediction:  Massive consumption is out. (Even with a rise in prices).  Small is in.  Neat is in.  Saving is in.  Good quality is in.  Who wants to store some massive box of crackers that you bought at Costco.  By the time you’re into your third sub box you’re sick of them anyway and then you’ve just got all that extra cardboard to recycle.

I’d rather buy one really good sweater (preferably not made in China) that is more expensive and wear it everyday and enjoy it, than owning several cheap, poorly made sweaters that can’t make it through the season (re: Barney’s Organic line, circa, last winter).

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line.  I haven’t actually held that stuff in my hands, but it’s hard to imagine an 8 dollar dress really being that nice, well made, high quality. But hey, I’ll have to check it out, and I hold judgement until then.  And who knows, maybe she’ll start a couture line at 30 bucks a pop.  Might I suggest: bittAn…

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…